Award Recipients

The Bay Institute makes three annual awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to San Francisco Bay and its watershed.

The Bay Institute is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 awards:
  • Bay Hero Award - Pete R. Baye
  • Bay Hero Award - Michael S. Connor
  • Bay Hero Award - Jeremy Lowe
  • Carla Bard Education Award - Laurette Rogers
  • Harold Gilliam Award for Excellence in Environmental Reporting - Alex Breitler

Bay Heroes Award
Created in 2011, the Bay Heroes Award honors those whose significant efforts have lead to increased protection and restoration of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. Publicizing the threats to the Bay ecosystem is key in addressing these concerns and restoring the health of the Bay-Delta Estuary. Past recipients include :
  • 2011 Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge, Florence and Philip La Riviere, Co-Chairs
  • 2013 Cynthia Koehler
  • 2014 Ed Ueber
  • 2015 Congressman George Miller
  • 2016 Peter R. Baye, Michael S. Connor, Jeremy Lowe
Carla Bard Bay Education Award
The Bay Institute created the Carla Bard Bay Education Award in 1992 to honor those who have significantly increased the public’s understanding of and concern for the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. The essence of this award was embodied by the late Carla Bard, the former Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board and a former member of The Bay Institute Board of Directors. Bard, a champion of clean water, wetlands preservation, and wild rivers, was considered a statewide leader on water issues. In 1998, The Bay Institute renamed the award the Carla Bard Bay Education Award in her memory.  Past recipients include:
  • 1992 Glen Martin                                          
  • 1993 Marc Reisner
  • 1994 Professor Peter Moyle                       
  • 1995 Harold Gilliam
  • 1996 Harrison C.“Hap”Dunning                 
  • 1997 Contra Costa Newspapers, Inc. 
  • 1998 Dave Weiman                                       
  • 1999 Allen Garcia and Paul Martin
  • 2000 Nancy C. Swadesh                               
  • 2001 William T. Davoren       
  • 2002 Jean Auer                                                
  • 2003 John Hart and David Sanger      
  • 2004 Sallyanne Wilson                                   
  • 2005 Philip B. Williams, Ph.D., P.E., Eur. Ing.
  • 2007 Robert J. Erickson                                 
  • 2008 Hamilton Candee
  • 2009 Philip L. Isenberg
  • 2010 Jared Blumenfeld
  • 2011 David Loeb
  • 2013 Rita Schmidt Sudman
  • 2014 Robin Grossinger
  • 2015 Dr. Peter Gleick
  • 2016 Laurette Rogers
Harold Gilliam Award for Excellence in Environmental Reporting...from the Sierra to the Sea
In 1999, The Bay Institute created the Harold Gilliam Award for Excellence in Environmental Reporting ...from the Sierra to the Sea to recognize knowledgeable and skilled reporting on complex environmental issues affecting the Bay-Delta Estuary and its tributary waterways. Harold Gilliam, for whom the award is named, is the author of numerous books and a former columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. He has shared his vision and insight with millions of readers and has encouraged generations to think more deeply about our natural heritage.  Past recipients include:
  • 1999 Mark Grossi
  • 2000 Jane Kay
  • 2001 Tom Philp
  • 2002 Audrey Cooper
  • 2003 Paul Rogers
  • 2004 Gene Rose
  • 2005 Doug McConnell
  • 2007 Mike Taugher
  • 2008 Jerry Kay
  • 2009 David Donnenfield and Kevin White
  • 2010 Ron Blatman
  • 2011 Carolyn Jones
  • 2013 Ariel Rubissow Okamoto and Kathleen M. Wong
  • 2014 Lauren Sommer
  • 2015 John Sutter
  • 2016 Alex Breitler
Lifetime Achievement Award

Given only as the occasion arises, the Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for honoring those who have dedicated themselves to protecting and improving the health of San Francisco Bay and its watershed. These champions of the Bay have changed the way we think about stewarding our Bay and the waters that feed into it, leaving a legacy that paves the road for a vibrant Bay Area today, tomorrow, and beyond.

  • 2013 Harrison C. "Hap" Dunning
  • 2015 Zeke Grader