Photo credits

Many thanks to following photographers whose work appears on our website:

David Sanger for photographs from San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary used throughout this website

William Bowen for many of the images included in A Century of Destruction photo gallery

©Pelican Media, photographed by Judy Irving:
-  White Pelicans on following pages
-  Avocet on the following pages
- White pelicans flying across pond, with big white clouds, in the “mission” box:
- Marsh and salt pond to the right of "publications" box:

©Pelican Media, photographed by Mark Bittner: (wide-screen header aerial of salt ponds) (Aerial in the “restoration” box") (Aerial in “the shrinking bay” box")

Josh Edelson for Aquarium of the Bay octopus and jellies images.

Note:  We would like to acknowledge proper credit to all the photographers whose work appears on our website.  If your work  appears here, but is not yet credited, please send an email to with details.