10/26/15: Proposed bay delta tunnels...

Whether walking the dog or riding a ferry full of awestruck tourists, every day Bay Area residents experience a national treasure — the San Francisco Bay Delta, the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americas.

6/20/15: It's Time to Protect the Delta

California is at high risk of permanently losing key species and habitats in the West Coast’s largest estuary, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay.

4/29/15: Who Gets Water: Part 2

We all know by now that about 80% of the water used by humans in California goes to agriculture. But, is all “agriculture” treated the same in the way?

4/14/15: Who Gets Water in California?

Governor Brown’s April 1 decision to mandate 25% urban water conservation has sparked public debate over exactly who uses that water and how.

5/30/14: Feinstein water legislation will weaken Delta conservation efforts

We were shocked and saddened when, at this moment of crisis and opportunity, Sen. Dianne Feinstein appeared to blame the conservation community for the state's failed water management practices.

Restoration Program Provides Multiple Benefits During Drought

Extremely dry conditions this year and the previous two years have made times tough for farmers, fish, and wildlife in California.

03/24/15: Stop the Wave of Extinctions Before it Hits San Francisco Bay

California's water board's suspension of March flow standards threaten native species.

2/5/2015: Congress proposals could destroy San Francisco estuary and many species

Some in Congress have proposed weakening environmental protections that would divert more of the water flowing to the San Francisco Bay.

4/11/2014: DiFi to Fish Agencies: Allow Fish Kill, Relax Water Quality -- Bailout Water Profiteers

In the last month, federal and state agencies that are charged with protecting our environment, its endangered species, and our clean water have caved in to political pressure from elected officials...

3/19/2013: The State Water Board, the Bay-Delta, and the San Joaquin River: What’s at Stake?

Bay-Delta water quality standards are reviewed every three years, in theory, but the reality is that major changes are made only once in a generation. This time around...

1/30/2013: End the Drought Now

The longest running drought in recorded California history is happening right now, and it isn’t caused by climate change or nature.

1/24/2013: Governor, You Can Do Better in the Delta

In his annual “State of the State” address today, Governor Brown was clear about his solution to the environmental crisis in the Bay-Delta estuary.

1/14/2013: Fall Midwater Trawl

Results Point to the Obvious: Less Water Means Less Fish

12/21/2012: Gifts from the River

This fall’s salmon returns on the lower American River are shaping up to be the best in a decade...

12/18/2012: Rising Seas - The Big Picture

With an eye to the past, Marc Holmes considers what sea level rise will mean to the SF Bay Area.

12/5/2012: Rain, Rain, Rain

Conservation biologist Jon Rosenfield responds to news about unusual salmon sightings in a Stockton drainage canal.