3/7/11: Action Alert: Endangered Species Protections, Environmental Funding Under Congressional Attack

The new Congress has started the 2011 session off with a potential bang that could literally push the ailing Bay-Delta ecosystem over the edge. In late February, the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives passed a budget resolution - HR Continuing Resolution 1 - that would block implementation of critical new protections for chinook salmon and delta smelt under the federal Endangered Species Act. These protections, which The Bay Institute fought hard to win, would restrict export pumping by the giant federal and state water projects in the Delta and require more flow to San Francisco Bay. Click here for a fact sheet on HR Continuing Resolution 1.

In addition, the budget resolution would reduce or eliminate funding for a long list of environmental initiatives, including implementation of landmark agreements to restore the San Joaquin River (which The Bay Institute helped negotiate) and the Klamath Basin, expenditures from the Central Valley Project Improvement Act Restoration Fund, and water conservation and recycling projects.  Click here to view a full list of proposed cuts.

On March 1, The Bay Institute's Program Director, Gary Bobker, testified before the California State Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife, chaired by Assemblyman Jared Huffman, regarding the impact of the proposed budget cuts on the natural resources of the Bay-Delta estuary and the Central Valley. Click here to view his testimony.

Let Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein know that the budget cuts proposed in HR 1 would devastate efforts to restore California's fragile aquatic habitats and ecosystems - and could even result in the extinction of delta smelt and other endangered Bay-Delta species.

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