Coast and Ocean

The Bay Institute’s Coast and Ocean Program focuses on one of the most iconic locations in the Bay Area–the waters coming into and out of the Golden Gate. This is the part of San Francisco Bay that is farthest downstream and includes the nearshore coast and ocean waters off the Golden Gate. We support education, outreach, and advocacy regarding this dynamic area where fresh and salt water meet.
Brian Baird, former California Assistant Secretary for Oceans, is the Director of this program. 
Outreach Support: The Coast and Ocean Program includes a dynamic Film and Lecture Series and a leadership role with Ocean Communicators Alliance in San Francisco and Sacramento. In addition, Mr. Baird contributes a regular blog to Green 360 – a blog site aimed at high school students interested in pursuing careers in environmental or green fields.

Focus Issues: The Coast and Ocean Program concentrates on six key environmental themes:
  • Support for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
  • Promoting Sustainable Seafood
  • Reducing Ocean Trash and Plastic Pollution (i.e. marine debris). 
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Watershed Health
  • Exploration of the Bay, Coast, and Ocean