Exploration of the Bay, Coast, and Ocean

The Bay Institute and Aquarium of the Bay are currently developing a program to focus on Bay, coast, and ocean exploration. We define Exploration as the journey to better understand our world and discover new things by actively searching, experiencing, experimenting, and questioning the world around us. This program will emphasize skill development, education, and active discovery.
  • Exploration provides valuable skills. The Exploration Program will focus substantially on the use of hands-on activities that emphasize the value of the processes of exploration for learning. The important concept is for students to gain skills for inquiry and investigation that will apply to any field of exploration in the future.
  • Exploration as a means to educate. This program will use exploration as a way to communicate key concepts regarding our Bay, delta, coastal, and ocean environments. The process of exploration through active inquiry helps students to better understand and retain these concepts. 
  • Exploration for new discovery. The Exploration Program will work with and help support real-time exploration activities that could include new scientific initiatives, research, and actual field expeditions for new discoveries about the San Francisco Bay Delta and surrounding coastal and ocean resources.

"We are working closely with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue and Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, and  on the development of these exploration programs."