Wild Salmon Viewing

Wild salmon populations are just a small fraction of their historic numbers due to the damage we have done to the streams, rivers and estuaries that they need for spawning, growth and migration. Dams, water diversions and other forms of habitat destruction have devastated wild salmon populations all over the Pacific Coast. However, there are still a few places in the Bay Area and Central Valley where you can see them spawn.  Download Salmon Viewing Map>

What are Pacific Salmon?

Pacific Salmon are a group of fish species that once populated nearly every coastal waterway from southern California to Alaska.

Declining Populations

Across the west coast, twenty-six Pacific salmon and steelhead populations are recognized as in danger of extinction.

Salmon Viewing Map

California, and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular, is a cornerstone for salmon spawning. Find the best spots around the Bay Area to view one of nature’s greatest spectacles.