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Collateral Damage

A citizen’s guide to fish kills and habitat degradation at the state and federal water project pumps in the Delta

HORIZONTAL LEVEE® Coastal Storm-Surge Barrier

Restoring San Francisco Bay’s tidal marshes is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to protect valuable shoreline development from sea level rise during the next several decades.

How Many San Francisco Bays?

Global warming created San Francisco Bay, though at a much more leisurely pace than is fueling expansion of its shoreline today.

Salmon Viewing Map

California, and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular, is a cornerstone for salmon spawning. Find the best spots around the Bay Area to view one of nature’s greatest spectacles.

SF Bay Freshwater-Starved Estuary

The Bay Institute’s major new study documents how the ecological health of San Francisco Bay and the nearby ocean is at high risk.